Who We Are

Our Mission

Springchase Global, LLC is an organization of legal and financial professionals whose mission is to assist individuals and businesses obtain surplus funds legally owed to them.

Our Vision

It is our vision to be impactful by educating members of our communities about the existence of billions of dollars in unclaimed accounts and to be instrumental on their behalf in successfully securing and distributing the proceeds of those accounts.

What We Do

We regularly audit the accounts of various state departments and government agencies, locate the rightful owners of the surplus funds held in these accounts and develop a plan to successfully retrieve and return the funds to the proper owners or their heirs.

Why We Do It

The reason is clear.  Nearly 1 in 10 Americans are entitled to surplus funds held in state and federal accounts – billions of dollars that could be used by every day, hardworking individuals for rent, living expenses, medical needs, or to just provide families with a little breathing room.